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Helping Homeless cats on Maui

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ALL animals deserve a happy life.
Not just the friendly, cute and cuddly ones that live as a pet, but All animals should be treated humanely and allowed to live out there life, without persecution... This is what we are doing for cats on Maui, and how YOU can help more animals too!

Homeless Cats, Stray Cats, Feral Cats...

You know them by all these names.

They are often clumped together, for not "belonging" to anyone. These cats belong in a group called Community Cats.

For whatever reason they ended outside, to survive on their own, they don't need an "owner" to make their lives meaningful. They still have a right to live out their lives, as peaceably, as possible.

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Save An Animal

SAA is based in Maui Hawaii. We are working to help cats locally but we are also here to educate people, from all over about the importance of helping homeless animals, particularly with learning about cat sanctuaries and TNR cat colonies.

SAA is a pending 501 c3 organization.

For more information about what we are doing, and how you can help, please click below.

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